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Image NIPE Summer School 2020: The econometrics of big data, with Christian Hansen (UChicago)

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NIPE Summer School 2020: The econometrics of big data, with Christian Hansen (UChicago)

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The 17th Edition of the NIPE Summer School in Econometrics will run between June 15 to June 18, 2020. "The Econometrics of Big Data" is the selected topic for this edition, and the course will be taught by Professor Christian B. Hansen, from the University of Chicago - Booth School of Business.

As in many other fields, economists are increasingly making use of high-dimensional models – models with many unknown parameters that need to be inferred from the data. Such models arise naturally in modern data sets that include rich information for each unit of observation (a type of “big data”) and in nonparametric applications where researchers wish to learn, rather than impose, functional forms. High-dimensional models provide a vehicle for modeling and analyzing complex phenomena and for incorporating rich sources of confounding information into economic models. Our goal in this course is two-fold. First, we wish to provide an overview and introduction to several modern methods, largely coming from statistics and machine learning, which are useful for exploring high-dimensional data and for building prediction models in high-dimensional settings. Second, we will present recent proposals that adapt high-dimensional methods to the problem of doing valid inference about model parameters and illustrate applications of these proposals for doing inference about economically interesting parameters.

We look forward to welcoming you in Braga!

pdf Call for papers: Australian Gender Economics Workshop 2020 Popular

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5-7 February 2020, Brisbane, Australia

The third edition of the Australian Gender Economics Workshop (AGEW) will take place in Brisbane at the Queensland University of Technology. The aim of AGEW is to foster a community of economic researchers who can collectively contribute to the evidence base needed to guide the pursuit of more gender equitable outcomes in society. AGEW will include a program of research presentations and posters and a policy symposium session. We are glad to announce Professor Shoshana Grossbard will be one of our two international keynote speakers (the second to be confirmed soon) while Professor Gigi Foster will be our Australia-based keynote speaker.

Submissions of both applied and theoretical work on any topic of gender economics are invited. The scope of topics can include (but is not limited to) labour and workplace organisation, behavioural insights, education and human capital, family and care responsibilities, household and interpersonal dynamics, mental and physical health and safety, economic growth, poverty and economic development, measures of inequality, housing, superannuation and retirement, tax and transfer settings, and the evaluation of policy interventions.

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