European Society for Population Economics (ESPE)

The European Society for Population Economics was founded in 1986 to facilitate the communication and exchange of ideas between researchers from European and other countries around the globe. Equal emphasis is given to theoretical and applied research across a wide range of fields, all related to population economics. Research interests of members of the Society include: Education, Health, Labor market topics (human capital, employment, unemployment, wages, firm behavior), Demographics (marriage, fertility, ageing, retirement, mortality, immigration), Income (poverty, inequality), Housing and household issues, Inter-generational mobility, Crime, Discrimination, Institutions, and Policy evaluation.

2017 ESPE Annual Conference

The 31st Annual Conference of the European Society for Population Economics (ESPE) will take place on June 14-17, 2017 at the Strathclyde Business School, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland. The local organiser is Professor Robert E. Wright. Professor Michèle Belot (University of Edinburgh) will serve as the program chair. The keynote speakers will be Professor Janet Currie (Princeton University) and Dr. Wilbert van der Klaauw (Federal Reserve Bank of New York). The presidential address will be given by Professor Marco Francesconi (University of Essex).


Papers must be submitted on-line at:

The paper submission site is open since November 18, 2016. The submission deadline is February 1, 2017. Acceptance decisions will be announced by April 1, 2017. Accepted papers will only be included in the final programme if presenting authors have registered by May 15th, 2017. Each participant may present at most one paper but can co-author more than one paper in the program. Graduate students have a reduced registration fee, provided that his/her advisor confirms their student status.

Important deadlines:

Deadline for early registration: April 24th
Deadline for being included in the programme: May 15th

More details are available at the conference web page:

2017 Scientific Program Committee:

Albrecht, James
Belot, Michele - Program Chair
Booij, Adam
Caliendo, Marco
Chevalier, Arnaud
Cobb-Clark, Deborah
De Haan, Monique
Delavande, Adeline
Devereux, Paul J.
Docquier, Frédéric
Dur, Robert
Ferreira, Priscila
Francesconi, Marco
Glitz, Albrecht
González, Libertad
Hatton, Timothy
Hjalmarsson, Randi
James, Jonathan
Jolivet, Gregory
Kunze, Astrid
Lindahl, Mikael
Lundberg, Shelly
Marie, Olivier
Nicoletti, Cheti
Nuevo-Chiquero, Ana
Oosterbeek, Hessel
Parey, Matthias
Plug, Erik
Rabe, Birgitta
Rainer, Helmut
Ribar, David
Salvanes, Kjell
Sevilla, Almudena
Siedler, Thomas
Silva, Olmo
Simonsen, Marianne
Steinhauer, Andreas
Tekin, Erdal
van der Klaauw, Wilbert
Van der Linden, Bruno
van Ours, Jan
van Soest, Arthur
Vroman, Susan
Webbink, Dinand
Weber, Andrea